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An update from the Kindersley Clinic regarding COVID-19

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The Kindersley Clinic has been following guidance from Saskatchewan Health, the Ministry of Health and national advisory groups closely. It is our priority to avoid the spread of infection for patients attending the Kindersley Clinic while still assisting patients who are symptomatic.

Aside from regular sanitization of our clinic space, the following measures are also in place:

-If you or your children have infectious respiratory symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, or cold symptoms) avoid coming directly to our office. Please call ahead so a risk assessment for COVID can be completed prior to your presentation at the clinic to determine where you should be seen and if testing should occur. Please also not that you may call 811 for further information. PATIENTS WITH SYMPTOMS SHOULD SELF ISOLATE.

-If you have traveled internationally PLEASE SELF ISOLATE FOR 14 DAYS, and monitor closely for symptoms. Call 811 if symptoms develop. You will require testing even if you have mild symptoms.

-During the pandemic warning the Ministry of Health will be allowing physicians to bill for assessing patients either over the phone or virtually. The Kindersley Clinic plans to utilize this opportunity to temporarily keep vulnerable patients away from our office while providing care over the phone and assessing symptomatic patients to determine where they should be seen for testing/ assessment.

-Please wash your hands often, follow social distancing guidelines and use hand sanitizers and a mask as soon as you enter our office space.

Updates will be made as new information becomes available.

Thank you for your cooperation

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