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Saskatchewan Royal Purple celebrates its $100,000 donation

The BrainLove Campaign between the Sask. Brain Injury Assoc. and the Sask. Royal Purple is now half way through it’s month long campaign. 

Each year, more than 2,000 people in Saskatchewan acquire a brain injury. A brain injury can have lifelong effects, not only for those injuries but also for their families. Currently, the only cure for brain injuries is PREVENTION.

Look for our Brainlove poster at participating businesses to donate a $1.00 or more if you wish. Your donation can help to prevent brain injuries.

“It’s been six exciting and rewarding years for our organization” says Sandi Lougheed, the chairman of the Saskatchewan Royal Purple’s Charity Partnership Committee. “We started off proudly donating less than ten thousand dollars six years ago and we’ve now accomplished our first goal. We’ve reached $100,000 in total donations.”

“Our goal again this year is $25, 000,” says SRPA President Elaine Perkins of Shellbrook, “But even more important is the Brainlove campaign itself. Our members engage our communities and the public in being aware of the impact of brain injury and the importance of its prevention.”

This March will mark the kickoff of the sixth BrainLove campaign, run as a partnership with the Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association (SBIA).

2020 marks two major expansions of the campaign. Bootlegger’s campaign will include stores in Alberta and Manitoba as well as Saskatchewan. This will also be the first year of our interprovincial poster contest. Our “Healthy Choices for Your Brain” winners will go on to compete against students from Manitoba as well.

“Our Saskatchewan team consists of our Royal Purple members and lodges, SBIA, and the Saskatchewan Bootlegger stores,” concludes Lougheed. “While March is the kickoff, this month is only the first of a series of BrainLove events including a quilt retreat at the end of March, a golf tournament in June, a celebration in November and Sturling curling in January. All these events and many local events all combine to make BrainLove a year round happening.”

For further information, contact: Sandi Lougheed (306) 859-7563 blackstrap99@yahoo.com
Elaine Perkins 306- 961-7144

Committee Chair Sandi Lougheed PO Box 151 Beechy SK SoL oCo blackstrap99@yahoo.com 306-859-2068



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