Under quarantine? Why not start an online book club

As many of us turn to a good book during self-isolation, why not share the joy of a good story and start an online book club.

One of the biggest joys in reading books is talking about the story afterwards. As you can’t meet up with your friends to chat about a book over a glass of wine, it’s time to turn to the internet to start your book club or join one online.

Starting your book club is easy, just ask yourself:

What kind of book club would I like to start?
What is the purpose of my book club?
How will the books we read be selected?
And the all-important name!

Once you know the type of reading community you’re looking to create, it’s time to set your plan into action by selecting a platform. Bookstr is a great space to host or find an existing book club. You could also set one up through Facebook or Instagram.

Then when it’s time to invite people, mix it up by asking three or four friends along with a few colleagues. You can then decide on dates to meet, along with details on how to choose a book.

Then, after that, all there is to do is read and enjoy your book club!

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