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Teach your kids about money now for better future finances

It’s a good idea to have your children develop healthy financial habits now, so they are better prepared for the future. 

(NC) Experts recommend teaching children about money early on, so they can develop good habits and financial literacy. Here are some important lessons to teach your kids that will last a lifetime:

Learn to shop online securely. Depending on their age, your child may already be doing some shopping online, even if it’s just buying a new character or setting in an app or video game. Educate them on the importance of using a secure connection – like their home Wi-Fi or cellphone data – as well as setting strong passwords and checking with a trusted adult to make sure it’s safe.

Safeguard personal information. Bank accounts and credit cards are vulnerable to hacking and identity theft, especially in our online world. Every year, thousands of Canadians lose millions of dollars to fraudsters. Teach your children to never provide their personal or financial information over the phone, via text message, email or the internet when someone asks for it unsolicited.

Have your guard up. Part of understanding the value of money is being able to spot a great deal. But deep discounts and too-good-to-be-true sales often aren’t a real bargain. Super low prices usually mean cheap or counterfeit products. Free offers may require that you provide your credit card for shipping fees. Small tactics like these can lead to big profits for

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