Talk about a teacher with a passion!

Source: Sun West School Division, April 16, 2020

Lucky Lake Science teacher Glen Smith has found a unique way to help students learn from home while also providing some levity.

Mr. Smith uses his YouTube channel to deliver weekly science lessons for what he calls the Social Isolation Class (S.I.C.). Whether it’s providing prizes for students who complete assignments first, cutting a globe in half with a sawzall, or appearing in a bunny suit for Easter, Mr. Smith finds a way to make science fun while helping students understand and apply important scientific knowledge and principles.

Photo Credit: Glen Smith YouTube Channel

Mr. Smith also uses the videos as a way to connect him with his students. “I thought,” he said, “that if they could see and hear me as though we were in school, they would more likely complete assignments and continue learning. Of course, to get them to watch the videos, I knew it had to be somewhat entertaining.” To date, Mr. Smith has received work from 14 out of 19 students and expects to be hearing from the others soon.

Mr. Smith’s videos have been getting more than 400 views, which is larger than the number of students that attend Lucky Lake School. “I realize that there are many other students watching as well, and that’s encouraging,” said Mr. Smith.

You can view all Mr. Smith’s S.I.C. videos on the Sun West Resource Bank or his YouTube Channel.

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