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Everyone at points in their life face a challenge to
change. Perhaps-a new hairdo, new job, rearranging
furniture, health issues, negative self-talk, needing to get
healthy, sorting out a tough relationship, financial

Of course, some of these are very miniscule
by comparison to others but still challenge us to change.
Change is never comfortable, will cost us something,
takes us to places we don’t know or can’t control, can be
very uncertain.

Here at Sonshine Kennels, we have had to change some
procedures to face the challenge of the current
COVID19 issues. Our new protocol provides safety for
both you, our awesome clients and our staff. If you have
any questions or concerns please call us. Boarding and
Grooming are fully operational.

I read a sign one day-THIS TOO SHALL PASS
The current virus challenge will be changed and better
than ever days will come.

Looking forward to serving you!

SONSHINE KENNELS-The Kennel That Cares

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