From our latest issue: $310,000 mystery donor revealed

By Nicole Jeffries

Last week, a mystery donor contributed a massive $310,000 to The Book Trade Charity, a charity that supports independent booksellers across the UK and Ireland.

Dan Hicks, CEO of The Book Trade Charity has now revealed the huge donation was made by Amazon, who has long been vilified as public enemy No. 1 by booksellers by killing off bricks-and-mortar book sales. The tech giant initially made the donation on a “low-key” basis by calling the charity’s organizers directly rather than donating via the charity’s fundraising page, but as speculation grew, Amazon confirmed they made the donation.

This donation comes after booksellers have appealed for funds to protect the industry through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A crowdfund was set up to support The Book Trade Charity, which provides financial support to companies in the book selling, publishing, distribution and printing businesses.

And while the donation will help many in the book industry who are currently facing hardship, the fact it came from Amazon, is no doubt a bitter pill to swallow.

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