From our latest issue: Canadians can make their own conclusions

By Joan Janzen

The ad said: “To the man in the wheelchair who stole my camouflage jacket. You can hide, but you can’t run.”

It’s no longer hidden that Canada’s public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, works for the WHO. She is one of seven people on the WHO’s oversight committee for health emergencies; clearly a conflict of interest. Premier Kenney said, “This is the same Dr. Tam who in January was repeating talking points out of the People’s Republic of China about no evidence of human-to-human transmission.”

Other hidden information includes a pastor in the U.S. who reported he has received first hand accounts from people who are upset because their deceased family members were reported to have died from COVID-19 when they actually died from other causes.

There’s also double standards at play. Canadians were told to stay home during the Easter celebrations. However Prime Minister Trudeau excused his crossing the border into Quebec because he was visiting his family at their cottage.

Meanwhile, a man in Calgary was conducting his regular practice of over 20 years of feeding the homeless outdoors. He has a permit to do so. Nevertheless the police surrounded him and issued him a $1200 fine because this is not an essential service.

Those revelations are disturbing and not widely publicized. Nevertheless a recent report stated Canadian MP, Dominic LeBlanc is interested in a call for laws to punish those responsible for spreading dangerous misinformation online about the COVID-19 pandemic. The report continued to say it’s not a question of freedom of speech, but it’s really about conspiracy theorist cranks who are creating havoc.

Yes, I agree that newly revealed information does cause havoc; it has done so throughout history. When William Wilberforce began campaigning for the abolition of the slave trade in 1789, his first speech to Parliament revealed ugly truths about the trade. It caused havoc because Parliament argued that it was a moral trade. Unfortunately, not much has changed when it comes to hidden information being revealed.

The mainstream media and government have hidden information from the public. But now they want the power to judge what is accurate information and what is not, and hand out punishment to whoever they judge as guilty. Canadians have a right to access all information. They’re also intelligent, and more than capable of drawing their own conclusions as to what is true and what is not. If you agree, please contact Dominic LeBlanc.

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