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​Online learning thriving in Eston

Source: Sun West School Division

It has been over a month since education in Saskatchewan shifted to learning from home and students, parents and teachers have demonstrated amazing resilience, flexibility and innovation in handling this major change.

Students and staff in Eston are among those who have made learning at home a big success.

Grade 2 student students explored the roles of water and air in their homes and lives and celebrated Earth Day. They hunted for ways they use water inside and outside their homes. For air, their task was to take pictures proving that air has mass, takes up space and can be felt when it moves. Great job Grade 2 for showing all your exciting learning.

Among their other activities the Grade 2s participated in were creating posters, colouring pages and art using bubbles and food colouring. A sample of some of their awesome work can be found on the Sun West Facebook and Instagram pages.

Reading exercises have proven very popular among Eston students. The school’s Student Support teachers set up an entire YouTube channel for book readings and songs. Click here to see all their videos. Grade 7 and 8s also participated in read-a-longs. Click here for the Grade 7 read-a-long and click here for the Grade 8 read-a-long.

Grade 5 students have been keeping busy with two different types of projects. In one project they explored the role of simple machines in their daily lives with examples from around their homes. They took pictures that were compiled into posters that you can see on the Sun West Facebook and Instagram pages.

Their second project was on creating poems using the titles of books. They created short videos where they recited their poems by reading from the spines of the books whose titles make up their poems. You can see their videos on the Sun West Instagram page.

While students often do a lot of work on their own they are still getting lots of help from their teachers. In the picture at the top of this page you can see Grade 11 students completing a math exam supervised by their teacher Miss Holts on Teams and you can see a short video here on YouTube of Grade 12 student Madison receiving some online Calculus 30 lessons from Mr. Mastel in a real-time Teams meeting.

A lot of amazing learning is happening in Eston. Keep up the great work!

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