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Increase Your Home’s Value by Investing in Your Basement

When it comes to return on investment, a basement reno is one of the smartest home improvements you can make. Whether you’re planning on selling or want to enjoy the space with your family, here are some tips to take your basement from lacklustre to lavish.

Upgrade your flooring. Is your basement always cold? Do you have trouble with mould and moisture? Tackle these problems with the right subfloor, an essential must-do step that helps to protect, insulate and cushion your finished floors, adding comfort and value to your home. Try Dricore subfloor panels that are designed with Air Gap Technology to help keep basement floors dry, comfortable and cozy all year. You can even DIY it, as the panels are easy to install and a room only takes half a day to do.

Rethink ceiling and walls. Does your space look dark and dated but you can’t pinpoint why? Nothing screams dingy basement more than faux-wood panelled walls and ceiling tiles. For a makeover that will make a big impact on the look and feel of your basement, swap these old-fashioned staples for drywall. Choose light neutrals for the paint colour and make the ceiling lighter than the walls to elongate and open up the space.

Improve the lighting. Does your basement feel dark and dreary? There are plenty of tricks you can do with light fixtures to illuminate the area. Recessed lighting won’t take up tons of space, which is important if you have low ceilings. Try installing a variety of light fixtures at varying heights to add light where needed. Don’t be afraid to use interesting pieces that make a statement, like a chandelier or industrial wall-mounted lamps.

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