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An Update From Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen

Loaves & fishes would like to first and foremost thank the community for their support. As the demand continues to grow for their services they look forward to expanding not only the quantity but also the variety of their menu. However, at the moment, they are just starting out and their greatest focus has been meeting the needs of families who need their help the most.

A few questions often come up regarding their services, so their answer are below!

  •  If you, your family or anyone you know is in need of food, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
  • The Kindersley Christian Fellowship offers hearty soup and bread at no charge.
  • All soups are frozen in 4 or 8 cups clear FDA and USDA compliant ziplock bags, with all ingredients clearly labelled on each bag. All Public Health Food Safety protocols have been closely monitored during the preparation process.
  • Your package can be picked up at the east door of the KCF (800-12th Ave. E) from 9 a.m. until noon on Wednesdays.
  • Delivery is available if needed.
  • COVID-19 protocols have been put in place to eliminate personal contact.
  • Please call 306-463-6146, leave a message or email info@kcfhope.com to request your package. Please leave your name, number of children and adults in the family along with any allergies and the best way to get in touch with you.If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the KCF at 306-460-9304

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