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Contamination at Kindersley Recycle Continues

The Town of Kindersley and the Kindersley Recycling Centre, operated by Loraas Environmental continue to see daily contamination of the recycling area.

They would like to remind residents that waste does not belong in your blue bin, and it is an offence to place non-recyclables in it.

It is essential for everyone to follow the recycling guidelines since loads with high levels of contamination cause the entire load to be deemed unrecyclable, and it is then turned to the waste stream. While many residents take the time to follow the guidelines and do the appropriate recycling, when these types of contaminated loads come in, they cause all bins on that run to be deemed waste.

On a recent run, some items that came in from the D2 zone (Prairie Winds, 2nd Avenue West and 7th Street area) include:

  • Suitcase
  • Shovel
  • Deer head
  • Plastic bags
  • Running shoes

None of these items, including dead animals, are meant for the blue bin, so please discard these in the waste bin. Below is a refresher of what is allowed in the blue bin.

Accepted Items:

Cardboard: flattened boxes, cereal or cracker boxes, egg cartons or tetrapaks (juice or milk cartons).
Household Aluminum and Tin: barbeque trays, pie plates, foil, or beverage and pet food cans.
Mixed Paper: newspaper, magazines, office paper products (envelopes, paper files, etc.), paper coffee cups, fliers, phone books, or clear bagged shredded paper.
Plastics with #1-7 Recycling Symbol: beverage bottles, milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, disposable plastic cups, food containers (yogurt, margarine, berries, etc.), or drinkable dairy (creamer, milk, etc).

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