Roller-Coaster of Emotions Accompany Sask. Decisions on Sports

By Mallorie Rast

Last weekend was described as “an emotional rollercoaster” as conflicting messages from the Government of Saskatchewan first lifted hopes of a kickoff for the 2020 ball season to dizzying heights, only to have them run aground as the government retracted its statements less than 24-hours later.

Despite sport organizations receiving a tossed bone from the Government of Saskatchewan in the form of a promise that guidelines for sports will be released in Phase 4, once members noted that many sports, including ball, had already been opened in all of the provinces except for Ontario and Saskatchewan, pressure from the organizations to the government began to build.

After garnering media attention from sources such as SportsCage and Global Regina, Baseball Sask appeared to gain the ear of the provincial government and an elated Facebook post by the organization on June 11th bannered the words “Play Ball!”. In response to the news, the Kindersley Stallions baseball team excitedly announced their first practice dates and began dreaming of their official season kickoff date set for July 2nd.

Less than 24-hours later, a much-subdued Baseball Sask posted that the new decision had just been overturned by the government and that new clarifications stipulated that all sports teams were required to wait until Phase 4 of Reopen Saskatchewan was in effect.

“It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that’s for sure,” Stallion pitcher and shortstop Blake Robertson said as he reviewed the events of the past 24 hours. “It’s disappointing to hear that teams still can’t move, especially when you think that ball is going on pretty much everywhere else in Canada.”

The team has gone back to the waiting game, but still hopeful that Phase 4 will be in effect in time for their projected Season start on July 2nd.

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