From Our Latest Issue: Constable Is a Third Generation RCMP

By Joan Janzen

Constable Justine Dunlop has been working in Kindersley for the past year and a half. “This is my first posting,” Justine said. “I like the diversity of calls here, the amount of time we have to work on our files, and people are always friendly to the police.”

Justine joined the RCMP to help people and protect and serve communities, but she had another important factor that influenced her career choice. “My mother is an RCMP, and my grandfather before her. RCMP runs in my family.”

While growing up, Justine always looked up to her mom, and was inspired by her. She acknowledged it’s more common for males to become RCMP, but her mom inspired her to do something most females wouldn’t do.

As a result, by her late teens, Justine had decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps, and said, “When I graduated depot, I didn’t feel more pressure; I felt more inspired and had more reason to do it than someone else would.”

Now that she is at her first posting, every work day is different, just like every call is different. Throughout the past few months of the pandemic, the RCMP continued to fulfill their duties, with more follow up over the phone as opposed to in person.

If anyone asks, “What do RCMP do all day?”, Justine informs us that every day is different, depending on day shift, night shift, and how many are working that day. “During day shift, sergeant is in office, but night shift it’s just the constables,” she said. She speculated that people love the job because it’s so diverse, including duties such as investigations, doing patrols, conducting truck stops and going to court.

The six month program at depot provides training for diverse situations, explained Justine. “They put you through scenario based training. The scenarios are always different; you never know what you’re going to get, or how people are going to react.”

Constable Dunlop hasn’t been in Kindersley that long and has no idea how long her posting here will be. However long that will be, we hope Kindersley residents will continue to be friendly and grateful to our RCMP for the necessary services they provide.

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