Free Goat Parasite Testing for Saskatchewan Producers

By Dr. Wendy Wilkins, DVM PhD, Disease Surveillance Veterinarian, Livestock Branch

Starting this spring, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture will be paying the laboratory costs associated with monitoring the internal parasite burden and/or treatment efficacy in Saskatchewan goats. This project is in collaboration with Dr. Fritz Schumann and Dr. Fabienne Uehlinger from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

Any goat owner in Saskatchewan can participate, regardless of the number of goats owned. Each goat producer may submit fecal samples from their goats. The fecal samples have to be shipped by courier to Prairie Diagnostic Services Inc. at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (submitted through the goat producer or his/her regular veterinarian).

Goats in a pasture.

All costs associated with the laboratory analyses (fecal egg count test) will be directly paid for by the Ministry of Agriculture. Materials for collection of fecal samples and shipping to the laboratory are at the expense of goat owners.

Goat owners or their regular veterinarians are to collect individual, fresh fecal samples from their goats in accordance with recommended collection guidelines. Each submission to the lab must be accompanied by the official project submission form and a completed short questionnaire. Sampling instructions and the study’s information are also available on the Prairie Diagnostic Services website.

For more information or to obtain collection guidelines for participation, please contact Dr. Fritz Schumann, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, by phone at 306-221-5861.

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