Prorogation of Parliament Doesn’t Bode Well for Canadians

In the past days, we saw Finance Minister Bill Morneau resign. The Prime Minister replaced him with the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, before announcing that Parliament will be prorogued until September 23rd, when the government will deliver another Speech from the Throne.

We saw Justin Trudeau throw his right-hand man under the bus for his own scandal; we saw him have his deputy leader cover for his own incompetence; and we saw him take away any opportunity for the opposition parties to continue to probe into his WE scandal at the Ethics and Finance Committees.

Earlier this year, Justin Trudeau shut down Parliament to try and avoid accountability, and now he has effectively stopped all the hard work opposition MPs are doing to help Canadians by fixing his government’s pandemic programs and getting to the bottom of his corruption scandal.

He is walking out on Canadians in the middle of a major health and economic crisis, in a disgusting attempt to make Canadians forget about his corruption. We are not going to forget about it.

Many of my constituents are continuing to contact me with concerns about the relief programs, and how they fall through the cracks—the most notable being many farmers’ inability to apply for CEBA as a result of not having a business account. I was looking forward to being in Ottawa next week for our fourth summer sitting day, to ask the Minister of Agriculture directly about this. However, our efforts to rectify these problems have effectively come to a halt, and my constituents will suffer as a result.

I was also looking forward to continuing my work on the Industry Committee, where we were studying the impact of COVID-19 on industry across Canada. We were just in the process of finalizing the witnesses who would speak to our best economic recovery options for Canadian industry. Shamefully, this too, will stop as the Government is prorogued.

Equally concerning, however, is what will come following the prorogation on September 23rd.  The tone of Justin Trudeau’s press conference yesterday was alarming, where he spoke of bringing forward “bold new ideas” in this “window of opportunity” that provides “equality for all”. This doesn’t bode well for Western Canada, as he referenced that these bold new ideas will include the “decarbonization of the economy”. Without wanting to speculate as to what the Speech from the Throne will actually entail, this language doesn’t bode well for the Western Canada. He set the tone for his government to take another hard-left turn and solidify continued support from the NDP in this minority government.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that our Prime Minister is more concerned about his power and protecting his name, than the well-being of Canadians. He’s willing to take a hard-left turn to keep his government propped up, all the while wielding a battle cry against the West.

I, alongside every Canadian, have serious questions about our pandemic recovery plan, as well as his decision to hand $900 million of our tax dollars to his friends at WE. He can shut down Parliament and our ability to probe at Committee, but together with my colleagues of the Official Opposition, I will continue to hold Justin Trudeau and his government accountable and we will keep fighting for the answers that my constituents deserve.

Jeremy Patzer is the Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills—Grasslands

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