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Sonshine Kennels: The Reality of Christmas

Does this remind you of anyone—maybe you—as you get ready for the Christmas season-all tied up and not really enjoying the lights?

Here at Sonshine Kennels we have some answers for you and your pet to take the stress out of Christmas.

First of all, book your holiday grooming appointment for your pet. These times are very rewarding for owner and pet. They drop off their pet who is in need of some TLC and pick up a beautifully groomed pet ready for Christmas photos. The pets enjoy these spa visits as they are clipped, groomed, brushed out and have their nails trimmed followed by a warm, sudsy bath, rinse and gentle blowdry. After drying is completed, the pet is given a second thorough groom-checking for hairs out of place, anything that may need attention to give your pet the final finishing touch. It is often observed that the pet seems to be smiling especially during the brushing and stroking of their coat.

Secondly, book your pet in for holiday boarding well in advance of the season. This ensures that you are covered and can relax-taking one more thing off your to-do list. Here at Sonshine Kennels for the safety and health of your pet and the kennels we require that all pets must have their shots up to date-including kennel cough vaccine. A copy of these records can be sent to Sonshine Kennels to Fax 306-463-3347 or email to bddunn

Thirdly, take some time to think about giving to someone in need during the festive season. There are many places to invest in people`s lives-The Food Bank, Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen, West Central Crisis Centre. Giving puts a smile on more than one face.


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