SJHL to Receive $1 Million in Provincial Support

Recently, the Government of Saskatchewan announced funding to support the province’s Western Hockey League (WHL) teams and the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL).

After taking a huge hit this season due to COVID-19 and the ongoing challenges it has created, this support will help the survival of these leagues and their teams. Thankfully the government has recognized that Junior hockey teams are a critical part of town and city culture, along with local economies.

“Necessary restrictions due to COVID-19 have had a significant impact on these leagues and their teams and this support will help them address these financial challenges,” said Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison.

The provincial government has committed $3 million to help WHL teams address revenue shortfalls, with each of Saskatchewan’s WHL teams receiving $600,000.

The SJHL will see $1 million in provincial support, with funding being provided to the League. However, it is not know how the support will be divided up amongst the teams.

“The SJHL, which consists of community-owned teams, has been in a state of uncertainty due to COVID-19 during the past several months,” SJHL President Bill Chow said. “The financial support that has been provided by the Saskatchewan Government creates a more positive outlook for our teams.”

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