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Jeremy Patzer: The Importance of Clare’s Law

Many of you are probably aware of the issue of Clare’s Law, and the fact that RCMP in Saskatchewan are unable to enforce the Law do to their being restricted by the federal Privacy Act. 

I sponsored a petition on this issue, effectively calling on the Government to amend the Act in order to allow personal information under the control of a federal institution to be disclosed to a third party for the purpose of protecting an individual from interpersonal and domestic violence.

The petition was tabled in the House last November, and the Government responded by noting that currently they were conducting an online public consultation on the Privacy Act. (You can read their response on the petition link above).

I am asking to please take a few minutes out of your day and contribute to the online consultation. I encourage you to express the importance that the Privacy Act be amended to allow the RCMP to comply with Clare’s Law, so we can curb the high rate of domestic abuse in our province.

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