Sask. Releases COVID Vaccination Delivery Plan

The Government of Saskatchewan has released its COVID-19 Immunization Delivery Plan. Phase 2 of vaccination sequencing will focus on the general population in 10-year increments, starting with ages 60 to 69.

This phase will also include targeted vaccinations for adults and staff in group homes for persons with intellectual disabilities and shelters. Clinically extremely vulnerable adults will also be included as a priority in Phase 2. A complete list of the clinically vulnerable health conditions is available at

Phase 2 of Saskatchewan’s Immunization Delivery Plan is built on the foundation of age as the main risk factor. Age is the number one risk factor for severe outcomes, hospitalizations and deaths related to COVID-19. People of advanced age are also more likely to be clinically extremely vulnerable or living with other chronic conditions.

The goal of the immunization program is to:

  • Protect the most high risk and vulnerable.
  • Minimize serious illness and death.
  • Protect the capacity of the health care system.
  • Minimize the spread of COVID-19.
  • Phase 1 is currently underway for high-risk populations, such as people of advanced age, residents and staff in long-term and personal care homes, health care workers in emergency departments, COVID-19 units, testing and assessment centres, intensive care units and other high-risk settings. This phase also includes residents over 50 living in northern remote communities and those over 70 living in the community as vaccine is available.

Phase 2 could get underway as early as April, but will depend on vaccine supplies. Vaccinations will be available through a variety of options including, mass immunization clinics, walk-in and drive-thru clinics, public health clinics and community-based options such as pharmacies.

Information will be publicly shared to let you know when it’s your turn to be vaccinated, how to register for an appointment, the different types of clinics available and how to find the closest clinics to you. Appointments will be able to be booked online at or through HealthLine 811 when phase two begins.

Details and regular updates to the Saskatchewan Immunization Delivery Plan will be available at

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