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Colleen McBride Shares Thoughts on Overcoming Challenges and What Drives Her

Ahead of Hindsight 2020, Colleen McBride, who is a Registered Social Worker and professional counsellor specializing in trauma, somatic therapies, and relationships, chatted with us about what continues to inspire and drive her.

With over 15 years of working with individuals and families and specializing in trauma and post-traumatic growth, McBride will be sharing ‘Life is a Living Laboratory~ The Art of Mindful Awareness’ at this year’s Hindsight2020. While completing her Master’s in Social Work (Death & Dying), McBride gained profound learnings about Life and Living. She also continues to train and assist with the Somatic Experiencing Institute as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner while owning her counselling practice ~ The Practice.

What inspired you to open/create this business?
I wanted more flexibility and freedom in my work life. I wanted to have more control over my time and my creativity. And I wanted to be able to offer clinical counselling to individuals and families in a way that supported their healing and growth.

Has this always been your passion, or did you envision yourself doing something different?
Yes, from a young age I had a dream of being a counsellor in private practice. When I was young I also dreamt of being a journalist and an architect though .

What challenges have you had along the way?
One of the biggest challenges for me has been the business end. I feel quite out of my comfort zone when it comes to technology and being an entrepreneur but I’m enjoying the creative challenge.

What has been your proudest moment/achievement?
Well, that’s easy… My greatest pride is my children. But as a professional, my proudest moment is stepping out and creating my own private practice.

What plans do you have for the future?
At this stage in my career, I am feeling very fulfilled in my practice so I think my future plans are just to continue deepening and expanding my skills and services. I love working with people moving through transition times in their life as well as working with children and adults who are receiving cancer care and with families where parents are moving through separation/divorce.

I believe deeply that meeting people where they are at in their life and focusIng on supporting their relationships with self and others brings them to greater health and happiness.

The one new area that I am just getting settled in is leadership. I really enjoy supporting and fostering other social workers’ and therapists’ so I’m curious how this may continue to take form.

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