KAWS: Here’s Toni!

Species Cat
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix
Age 2 years 10 months 11 days
Gender Female
Size Medium
Color Black/Orange
Declawed No
Housetrained Yes
Adoption Price $50.00
Stage Available

Cheryl & Toni are a bonded pair and we would like them to be adopted together **

These 2 gorgeous girls are from The Riverdale Gang. They were living as strays in Brock with their 7 siblings until they were almost 4 months old. These were the 2 least socialized kittens of the bunch, so their foster mom has worked hard to get these kitties used to people.

Cheryl (the Siamese) was very shy and timid the first few months in her foster home. But she’s made leaps and bounds since then and is now very comfortable around her foster mom. She is very shy around new people though and will hide when there are loud noises. Around her foster mom, she’s very “in your face” and loves attention. She’s a very cuddly cat who is always purring and loves to be held.

Toni (the Torti) was pretty much feral was she was rescued. She was very untrusting of people and would hiss and scratch if you attempted to reach for her. She was difficult to catch when needing to go to the vet for vaccinations and would completely shut down once she was there. She has come a LONG way since then! She now meets her foster mom at the door for feeding time and is actually wanting attention. She’s now actually more brave and outgoing than her sister, Cheryl! She is shy around new people too, but the odd time her curiosity gets the better of her. She’s become very chatty and likes to “talk” (although, not to the point of being annoying). She’ll likely never be a cuddly, lap cat but she likes spending time with her foster mom and purrs when she’s petted. She even doesn’t mind being picked up and held!

We would like these two special kitties to be adopted together. Their ideal home would be one without dogs or young children (they are scared of dogs, especially large ones, and really aren’t fond of children). They’ll need a home with people who will be understanding and patient with them while they get used to their new home and new people. They have been around other cats though and as long as there is a slow introduction, they have been great. Their combined adoption fee is $50. They are vaccinated and have been spayed and microchipped. Both of these kitties are strictly indoor cats and we’d like them to stay that way.

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