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Kerrobert Courtroom Gallery Hosts Artist Jodi Miller

Be sure to stop in between May 8th to June 26th, 2021 and see Jodi’s work.

Artist Bio

Following a 20 year career as an aerospace engineer in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Jodi returned to her home province of Saskatchewan where the idea of transitions and the prairie environment now informs her work as an acrylic painter.

Her art explores our human relationship to place and our sense of belonging. Her landscapes are interpretations of a view relying on emotional connections and memories to conceive stories with paint. Texture and joyous colour palettes, along with gestural, often geometric, brushstrokes create a dialogue and journey within her work. Using our beautiful connections between each other and our environment as inspiration, Jodi’s continued fascination with painting as a form of storytelling challenges viewers to overlay their own stories on her paintings.

Jodi has been honoured for her achievements in acrylic painting, most recently receiving the award for “Expression of Canadian Identity Through Landscape” at the Prince Albert Winter Festival Juried Art Show. She has exhibited and curated solo and group exhibitions at local venues and shown her work in public galleries as part of member exhibitions and juried art shows. Her work is varied in scale and is held in a number of private collections world-wide.

                                               Artist Statement

“Personal storytelling exists in my work through my interaction with the landscape; it stems from individual encounters with the land and stories shared by my personal connections. My work is a celebration of our stories, memories, emotions and beautiful connections.

Often in my work, I first write to understand the story of a place then use my brushwork to guide viewers into the painting. I begin my paintings using reference photos and found objects, layering paint to create a narrative and history on the canvas itself. I reflect on shared stories to create a fictitious, yet familiar landscapes. Our sense of belonging and discovery of place is my continuous muse.

This body of work “The Journey Home” largely stems from my adjustment to the slower pace of life during the pandemic. When I readjusted my perspective to find the beauty in my immediate surroundings, my world filled with wonder at things that had been part of my life, but perhaps that I had never truly seen.

I took time to walk down gravel roads, listening to birds sing and wind rustle across the fields, rocks crunching beneath my feet. I spent moments staring up at the sky, finding cloud animals and appreciated how the sun filters through to create colour and light. I walked through fields and let the grain tickle my fingers, reminding me of my youth and the freedom of wide open spaces. I looked back at views that I had always known, seeing them anew, appreciating the time to truly experience a place and its possibilities. I considered my personal history and ancestry then spent time relaying the stories I knew to my children so that they might find some form of connection.

These moments and memories informed this work, weaving the stories of my past with those that others have shared with me into paintings that continue that journey. These pieces give us space to explore, appreciate and share our beautiful connections.”

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