Last Grain Elevator in Pense, Sask., Demolished

The grain elevators in Western Canada have been referred to as prairie icons, prairie cathedrals or prairie sentinels and are often a visual symbol of what farming in this part of the country is all about. In 1933, there were as many as 5758, dominating the prairie landscape with every community having at least one.

Sadly the town of Pense, just west of Regina, which once had six elevators standing, beginning with the first built in 1892, saw its last elevator demolished on May 3rd, 2021.

The elevator, which featured an integrated annex and two large steel bins, was owned by Viterra officially and closed in 2001, however it was used for storage until last year.

In the 1980s, the elevator had actually been moved down the track to its present/former location and had become a favourite for storm chasers as a backdrop for clouds and lightning strikes.

In January 2021, after a significant windstorm swept through the area the elevator was damaged.

Sadly, this is yet another rural landmark disappearing from the prairies

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