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Local Businesses Continue to Help With KMB Upgrades

It was a busy few days at the batting cages, and once again, KMB can’t thank the local businesses enough for another round of donations to the project.

Although the exact number is not known, the total donations to this project are somewhere in the ‘ballpark region’ of $40,000 to $50,000.

The chain, quick links and snap links that Kindersley Coop donated so netting could be hung. Each net has almost 60 separate hanging locations so this donation was another important part of completing this project.

Apex Distribution brought their skid steer in to clear the loose dirt from the batting cage area at Lynco Hot Oilers Field and Longhorn Oil and Gas Field, and then started the process of filling the cages with shale.

The Town of Kindersley brought in their grader to slope the area after the Apex Distribution skid steer was done removing the loose dirt.

TKC Trucking and Picker Service brought their big picker truck to town again, and set the cage frames in place at Lynco Hot Oilers Field and Longhorn Oil and Gas Field.

A crew of people came in and hung the netting and placed the batters box mats and the Z screens in the cages that have shale added to them. Note: the Z screen is a great invention that can be used for both Softball and Baseball pitching.

There is still have a bit left to do but the end is in sight.

KMB wishes to extend a very special thank you to all the people volunteering on this project that do not have Minor Ball volunteer hours to work off, or people who have already worked off their volunteer hours for the season and are choosing to put in extra volunteer hours! It is a great indication of how important this project is to a lot of people.

The next opportunity to work off volunteer hours is available right now and will involve hanging signs on the outfield fence at Berard. This project will require a project coordinator so if you are interested please call or text 306-604-9675.


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