Why Reading Bedtime Stories to Kids Is Important

Who doesn’t have fond memories of bedtime stories? Well, it turns out storytime is loved by both parents and kids.

In fact, a recent survey revealed that storytime ranked higher in popularity among parents than bath and cuddle time ― although as any book-loving mom or dad will tell you, reading and cuddling tend to go hand-in-hand.

According to another survey, eighty-six percent of parents love telling stories to their kids before bedtime. In fact, three in four wish they could never stop telling stories to their kids even as they grow older, and describe this nighttime routine as the most quality time they get with their children in a typical day.

So, when do most parents start reading to their kids? Twenty percent start before their children are born, and 15 percent begin when their child enters the world.

Reading to babies during their early infancy also helps to boost language, vocabulary, and literacy skills. In fact, these benefits are still evident up to four years later.

Most parents continue the bedtime story routine until their child is around eight-years-old, spending 15 minutes on average reading together. While 21 percent of parents like to get creative and use their imagination in making up stories, 41 percent prefer to read from books.

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