Water Supply Options During Dry Conditions: Pumps and Pipes

The dry conditions in Saskatchewan can make access to quality water challenging. Our regional specialists can also assist by testing your water, interpreting the results and providing information on management and program funding options.

If you’re exploring more immediate solutions such pumping water from one source to another, there are Saskatchewan Rural Municipal (RM) offices that have water pumping equipment available for rent. The availability of equipment changes frequently, so we encourage you to contact your local RM office for more information.

The following suppliers may also have the resources you require:

  • Province-wide (Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Southey, Yorkton, Moosomin, Swift Current)
  • Outlook
    • Pipe and hose for rent.
    • Contact: 306-867-7818
  • Saskatoon
    • Pipe and hose for rent.
    • Contact: Canadian Dewatering at 306-343-8883.
  • Saskatoon
    • Portable pumps and pipe available for rent.
    • Contact: United Rentals at 306-500-7701.
  • Saskatoon
  • Prince Albert
    • Services available for hire.
    • Contact: Sands Drag Hose Systems/Sands Liquid Manure Service at 306-763-1943

Under persistent dry weather conditions, it’s important to prioritize the monitoring of your water quality. For more information, contact the Agriculture Knowledge Centre at 1-866-457-2377 and they will direct you to the appropriate specialist.

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