What Your Reading Habit Says About You

Good news book lovers, for those of us who can’t tear ourselves away from the pages, new research has found that people who read fiction tend to more empathetic, kinder and display more positive social traits than those who don’t.

And according to the results, people’s personalities also differed depending on the genre of book they prefer.

The researchers recently shared findings of their new study, in which 123 participants were quizzed on their love of books, TV shows, and plays before being tested on their interpersonal skills.

The researchers also explained that, “exposure to fiction relates to a range of empathetic abilities. And engaging with fictional prose and comedy could help to enhance people’s empathetic abilities.”

The study showed people who prefer drama and romance, often have high levels of empathy while those who are drawn to more experimental novels have a heightened ability to see things from different perspectives. Readers who have a preference for comedy tend to be the best at relating to others.

And if you needed even further convincing to stick your nose into a book, science has also shown that reading can alleviate stress and help you sleep better, while encouraging you to make better decisions and feel more empowered.

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