The Bedard ‘Bump’

Bedard’s record-breaking performance in the World Junior Hockey Championship has made him a must-see for fans everywhere.

With just 3,279 fans in attendance, Connor Bedard and the Regina Pats hit the Calgary Saddledome on October 2nd, 2022. Little did they know, they were in for a wild ride. Fast forward to February 2023, and the “Bedard Bump” has skyrocketed ticket demand. On Wednesday, Feb 2, the Saddledome was packed with 17,223 fans, all eagerly hoping for a glimpse of the projected first overall pick of the 2023 NHL draft.

With his electrifying skills and undeniable talent, Bedard has recently been filling arenas across Western Canada, with fans are flocking to see the future NHL superstar for a fraction of the price they’ll be paying next season. In just 34 WHL games, Bedard has 42 goals and 43 assists, leading the league at a staggering 2.5 points per game.

Since the world juniors in Halifax, Bedard has stepped up his game even further. With 17 goals and 8 assists in just 8 games with the Pats, he extended his point streak to an impressive 35 games. In a recent game, Bedard wowed the crowd with his sensational wrister from the bottom of the circle, followed by an assist with Regina’s tying goal and a game-winning goal in the shootout. He’s been held off the scoresheet only once this season, but even then, it’s clear that he’s not just inflating his stats.

Bedard’s impact has been felt far and wide. The Red Deer Rebels set a franchise regular-season attendance record with 7,287 fans, and the Lethbridge Hurricanes have run out of seats to sell and are now offering standing-room-only tickets. The Medicine Hat arena is poised to more than double its average attendance with a sellout game this Sunday, which also features Yukon prodigy Gavin McKenna. This is great news for the league, which has felt the financial strain of the bubble season, as well as fans who have had to cut back on their entertainment budgets.

For now, Bedard is focusing on the playoffs with his Regina teammates, but it’s only a matter of time before he takes the NHL by storm. Fans will remember the chance to see a star of tomorrow, today, for just $15 to $30. The next time Bedard takes the Saddledome, it could be as a member of a lucky NHL team. And maybe, just maybe, one day his jersey will be retired in his junior rink, like that of his hero, Ryan Getzlaf.

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