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KFD Responses to Service

Kindersley Fire Department responses from January 1-2023 to February 11-2023

Thursday January 5-2023 at 9:54 respond to Vehicle vs Person.

Monday January 9-2023 at 00:55 respond to Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

Friday January 13-2023 at 15:20 respond to persons trapped in an elevator.

Thursday January 19-2023 at 18:27 respond to Commercial Alarms Ringing.

Saturday January 23-2023 at 1:03 respond to MVC, Vehicle vs Deer.

Thursday Jan 26-2023 at 23:12 respond to Commercial Alarms Ringing.

Thursday January 26-2023 at 26:19 respond to MVC with Injuries & Entrapment

Thursday Jan 26-2023 at 21:29 respond to Medical Assistance

Monday Feb 6-2023 at 10:05 respond to MVC with Injuries & Entrapment

Monday Feb 8-2023 at 16:14 respond to MVC with Injuries

Monday Feb 8-2023 at 16:43 respond to MVC School Bus Roll Over with Injuries

Thursday Feb 9-2023 at 8:23 respond to MVC Roll Over

Friday Feb 10-2023 at 13:15 respond to Residential Fire alarms Ringing.

Saturday Feb 11-2023 at 00:09 respond to Outside Fire

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