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Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Mars Set to Appear Together in Night Sky

Towards the end of this month, star-watchers are in for a treat as Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Mars are set to appear together in the night sky.

On March 28, a significant planetary alignment will occur when the five planets will be visible in a 50-degree segment of the sky shortly after sunset, according to Starwalk, a site that tracks the sky.

In the constellation Pisces, Jupiter and Mercury will appear near the horizon, while Venus will be visible higher up in the sky in the constellation Aries, the site noted.

After that, Uranus will be in close proximity, but a pair of binoculars might be needed to catch a glimpse of the planet. Finally, Mars will appear higher up in the sky, close to the moon, completing the five-planet alignment.

“Although March 28 is the best day for observation, the alignment will be visible several days before and after that date,” the website explained.

If the weather is unfavorable next week, other chances to observe a planetary alignment will arise throughout the year, including another five-planet alignment on June 17, where Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn will be on display.

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