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Kindersley Inn: Earn Aeroplan Points With Every Stay

We are pleased to offer our Nova Hotels Guest Loyalty Program that gives our guests Aeroplan miles for each stay!

Earn 250 Aeroplan Miles in any of our Nova Hotels locations for every eligible stay and/or rate.

An eligible stay is defined as one or more consecutive nights spent at one of our Nova Hotels locations, regardless of check-ins or checkouts per room. There must be a minimum of 48 hours between checkouts and check-ins to qualify for an additional 250 Aeroplan mile accumulation.

Eligible rates include most business and leisure rates. Certain discounted rates may not be eligible for mileage accumulation.

Excluded rates include:
Complimentary Rates
Travel Agent Rates
Gift Certificates
Discounted Rates that are 25% or more off of Rack Rate.

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