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Thousands in West Kelowna Remain Under Evacuation Order Due to Wildfires

Officials have confirmed early Friday morning that structures have been lost in West Kelowna as a result of the McDougall Creek wildfire.

Although the exact number of buildings consumed by the fire remains uncertain, the Central Okanagan Emergency Operations Centre has announced its intention to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the affected area on Friday morning.

As of 3 a.m. on Friday, authorities have reported that the fire continues to exhibit high levels of activity and remains unpredictable in its behavior.

At present, a total of 2,462 properties have been placed under evacuation orders, while 4,801 properties are under evacuation alert due to the McDougall Creek wildfire.

Kelowna has declared a state of emergency, and evacuations are currently in progress in two neighborhoods. This response comes as two new wildfires ignited late Thursday evening.

Preliminary indications suggest that embers from the nearby McDougall Creek wildfire might have triggered the inception of these new fires. Assisted by strong winds, these embers managed to traverse Okanagan Lake, contributing to the fire’s expansion.

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