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Fire Prevention Week: A Message from Deputy Fire Chief Mitchel Hope

Cooking safety starts with you. The leading cause of kitchen fires is unattended cooking. Kindersley Fire would like to share some reminders.

Fire needs three things: fuel, oxygen, and a heat source. When it comes to kitchen fires, we need to try and remove two of those: oxygen and the heat source.

By putting a lid on a pot or keeping the doors shut on the microwave or stove, we remove as much oxygen as possible. Once we have removed the oxygen, we can safely turn off the appliance, which will eliminate the heat source. DO NOT attempt to move a burning item! Moving a burning pot or other item may cause the fire to spread and result in further damage to your home, as well as potential injuries.

It’s always best to keep a charged ABC extinguisher nearby. If you are not comfortable using an extinguisher, you could alternatively consider purchasing a fire blanket for your kitchen. Fire blankets work much like a pot lid; they remove the oxygen and prevent further fire spread. For more information on fire blankets, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we will be sharing some information during Fire Prevention Week.

A few more safety tips for the kitchen: make sure that sharp knives are stored out of reach of small hands. Chemicals and other cleaning products should be stored in a locked cupboard, and pot handles should be turned inwards to prevent them from being bumped or pulled off the stove.

Always remember to have an escape plan and practice it. If the fire is too large or if you believe you have extinguished the fire, head outside and call 911.

Please make sure to stop and see us when we’re out with the public education trailer, and our team members will guide you through our training scenarios.

By: Deputy Fire Chief
Public Education Officer

Mitchel Hope

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