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Theft and Damage at Eatonia Arena

Recently the Eatonia rink was broken into.

“There was some damage done to a window, kitchen overhead door and the cashbox in the kitchen. The Kitchen Committee suffered a hit and had some money stolen.

The RCMP are involved in the investigation and they are optimistic about the evidence that was available.

As always, our volunteers and committees are resilient and we will move on. All that was broken will be fixed. All that was stolen will be replaced.

Thanks to Darcy Scott, Dan Lothammer, Derek Price, Dean Aldridge, Trish Lee and Krista Stevens for your help this morning cleaning,” shared Eatonia and Distriction Recreation via Facebook.

“Thank you to Lindsay, the Eatonia & District Recreation Board and the volunteers who helped get everything cleaned and boarded up so the dog pack could carry on this morning,” shared the Eatonia Huskies.

If you have any information regarding this break in, please contact your local RCMP detachment.

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