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Which Highways are Prioritized for Snow, Ice Removal?

While the weather has been better then we could have hoped or lately, when the snow finally settles in please remember to take caution when heading out on the highways

The Highway Hotline shared that highways are prioritized for snow and ice removal based on the highway and traffic volumes. Crews are often out before, during and after a snowstorm, but the real clean up begins after a system has passed.

-Within 6 hrs – busiest/major highways
-Within 12 hrs – about 300 – 1,500 vehicles daily
-Within 24 hrs – least travelled highways

Keep in mind, if visibility is less than 250 m highway maintenance will not begin.

Check the Highway Hotline before you head out.

In addition to checking highway conditions before you travel, please remember to arrange a safe ride home during the holiday season.

Recent results from the SGI October Traffic Safety Spotlight on impaired driving a reported a total of 497 impaired driving offences.

That total consists of:

-201 Criminal Code charges
People who are charged under federal legislation;

-296 administrative suspensions
People who aren’t charged criminally but have exceeded provincial limits and face tough administrative penalties.

The report also shared there has been a notable increase in the number of people caught driving with drugs in their system, coinciding with increased police access to roadside oral fluid testing devices that can determine whether a driver has consumed cannabis and other drugs.

Alcohol, cannabis, various street drugs and numerous medications can impair your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. People who make the decision to drive after using drugs put themselves at risk and are subject to the same penalties as driving under the influence of alcohol. That includes licence suspensions, vehicle impoundments, financial penalties and a mandatory impaired driving education program.

Other results from October:

-763 tickets for distracted driving (including 640 for drivers using cellphones);
-4,338 tickets for other speeding or aggressive driving offences; and
-281 tickets for seatbelt and car seat offences.

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