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Week-long Safe Driving Initiative Sees Large Number of Charges

December 1 to 7 was Canada Safe Driving Week and Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS), made up of Saskatchewan RCMP and municipal police service officers, patrolled and held check stops throughout the province to help keep Saskatchewan’s roads safe.

During the week-long initiative, CTSS officers found 64 drivers who had recently consumed alcohol or drugs prior to driving, six of whom were charged with Criminal Code impaired driving charges. The other 58 drivers received roadside suspensions.

In total, CTSS officers issued 1347 traffic charges, 1349 warnings, and 111 vehicle defect inspection notices to drivers on Saskatchewan’s roadways. These included:

  • 713 charges and 324 warnings for speeding;
  • 97 charges and 22 warnings for cellphone use while driving;
  • 9 charges and 26 warnings for careless driving;
  • 43 charges and 19 warnings for seatbelt misuse;
  • 76 charges and 30 warnings for intersection-related offences;
  • 38 charges and 8 warnings for invalid driver’s license;
  • 6 charges for driving while disqualified, suspended, or prohibited;
  • 86 charges and 41 warnings for invalid vehicle registration;
  • 256 charges and 868 warnings for all other Traffic Safety Act offences;
  • 23 charges and 5 warnings for open alcohol or cannabis in a motor vehicle.

Here is just one example of a safety concern officers removed from the road:

  • On December 5, 2023, a CTSS Swift Current officer observed a semi tractor on Highway #1 near Ernfold, SK. It was hauling hay bales that appeared to be swaying back and forth on the trailer. The officer performed a traffic stop and determined the bales were entirely unsecured despite the fact that the driver possessed adequate straps. The truck also did not have wide mirrors equipped to adequately see around the trailer’s wide load. The driver was ordered to properly secure the cargo before proceeding from the traffic stop and was ticketed for both the unsecure load and the inadequate mirrors.

Canada Safe Driving Week is an annual event, however, Saskatchewan RCMP would like to stress that road safety is a year-round priority for them.

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