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Deadline Approaching for Unclaimed Lottery Ticket

With the one-year deadline fast approaching, the biggest lottery jackpot ever recorded in Atlantic Canada remains unclaimed. This immense $64 million Gold Ball jackpot, drawn by Atlantic Lottery on April 15, 2023, awaits its rightful winner, who bought the ticket in Gloucester County, N.B. Despite ongoing efforts and public appeals, the winning ticket holder remains a mystery.

Molly Cormier, Atlantic Lottery’s Director of Communications, expressed optimism but confirmed they have not been contacted by the winner. She explained that the one-year timeframe allows winners the discretion to claim their prize at their leisure. Despite widespread speculation about the winner’s identity and reasons for delay, no one has yet claimed the prize.

Gloucester County, the purchase location of the winning ticket, lies in northeastern New Brunswick and encompasses various municipalities and a First Nations reserve. With a population of around 80,000, Bathurst is its most populous city. The specific location where the ticket was sold remains undisclosed for privacy and security reasons, and will only be revealed when the winner steps forward.

Should the prize remain unclaimed by April, it will join an “unclaimed prize fund” for redistribution through bonus prizes and extra draws. Cormier remains hopeful, though aware that this could become the largest unclaimed lottery win in the region’s history.

She noted that while it’s not uncommon for winners to delay claiming their prize, this situation is unprecedented in the Maritimes in terms of the prize amount. Atlantic Lottery prioritizes awarding winnings, and Cormier encourages the winner to reach out.

This unclaimed $64 million ticket could be one of the highest in Canadian history, though it wouldn’t surpass a $70M Lotto Max jackpot that went unclaimed in Ontario.

Cormier invites the ticket holder to contact their customer care centre for prize processing. The Atlantic Lottery eagerly awaits to celebrate with the winner, reflecting a sentiment shared by many Atlantic Canadians.

The winning numbers for the April 15 Gold Ball draw are listed on the Atlantic Lottery website: 93331474-01. Ticket holders who believe they have the winning ticket should contact Atlantic Lottery’s customer care centre at 1-800-561-3942.

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