Viterra Workers Accept Company’s Final Offer

Employees of Viterra have voted to accept the company’s ultimate proposal, as announced by the union. The vote outcome from the members of Grain and General Services Union (GSU) Local 1 (Viterra Country Operations and Maintenance) and Local 2 (Viterra Regina Head Office) was compiled on Friday morning. This decision by the union members to agree with the offer helps prevent a potential strike at Viterra.

However, the union has indicated that the vote does not reflect a strong endorsement of the final offer.

“Members of Local 1 and 2 have been living under the company’s so-called pay-for-performance system for 15 years now,” said Steve Torgerson, bargaining spokesperson and GSU general secretary, in a statement. “While the changes in the final offer achieve part of what members were looking to gain, it doesn’t go far enough. Members will continue to press the company during the term of the new agreement to address their concerns.”

The union has now announced that the negotiation process will enter a new stage, where the GSU and Viterra will work together to incorporate the mutually agreed changes into the new collective agreement. Torgerson notes that although the offer was approved by a majority in both Locals, members anticipate further enhancements in the future.

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