Obituaries: Tammy McIntyre

January 4, 2024 (age 61)

It is with heavy hearts and profound sadness to announce the passing of Tammy McIntyre. Mom passed away peacefully at the young age of 61 on January 4th, 2024. The loss of such a wonderful wife and mom will be deeply missed by her husband Greg, her two children, Ryan and Kelly (Kent), her Parents Earl and Marion(deceased), her three sisters, their husbands, and nieces and nephews.

Mom had many funny stories to tell and wanted to reflect her happiness over the years. Here are some of those stories.

She was a collector of a variety of things. Especially of family furniture or items she was given. When asked about why and when she started collecting, she’d laugh and say, “It all started with Double Bubble Gum when I was a little girl”. Enclosed in each pack of gum was a joke printed on wax paper with a number to entice kids to collect and save. Mom said when they later came out with tattoos in the pack, she would lick, slap, hold and then peel off the tattoo paper with sheer delight if the tattoo worked. Mom later developed a passion for coin collecting after the announcement of the phasing out of the penny.

When asked, Mom would say her favourite gift was a label maker. To say she was an organized person would be an understatement. She would often say “there must be something somewhere to sweep, clean, repair or organize.” Her favourite “job” was mowing and maintaining a 10-acre yard of grass and 80ft trees, often taking four days to finish mowing. Most people would have groaned at the site of rain regarding mowing a large yard, but mom loved every minute of it.

Moms favourite holiday was snowmobiling with her family on the trails in Northern Saskatchewan. There were times they rode distances equivalent of the farm to Saskatoon in one day and she would laugh and say, “that’s crazy, who would ever do that.”

Later as moms ability to help with the farming in the field came to an end due to the increasing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, she would pivot to do something else. Mom was a history buff, and it meant a lot to her to record family history to pass on to her kids, taking up a passion in ancestry and genealogy. Where she would discover a relative who was arrested for something scandalous over 100 years ago (and laughing about it for weeks) or to finding her Grandmother who immigrated with £30 in her pocket. Mom always said her Grandma should have wrote a novel of her exciting life.

Mom took this to heart and started writing of her years growing up on her parents’ farm with so many funny stories with her sisters. Elementary and High School year memories with classmates jammed in a car filled to the roof with arms and legs everywhere, to be asked “how many kids did you fit in the car, and did you drive like that?” Mom would just smile. Farming was everything to Mom and was very proud to live on her husband’s heritage family farm. Humour and bluntness were a common thread among all the stories she wrote. Mom was always known for “Shooting straight from the hip”.

She was very appreciative for her kids help and would ask “can I use your legs” sending us to find or file papers, always labeled, of course. The last two years Dad was her caregiver everyday along with her daughter and always attending to her growing needs. Mom would say with a smile “Dads a keeper”.

We appreciated every neighbour and friends who always asked us, “How’s Tammy doing? Say hi to her for us.” Mom struggled with mobility the last few years, most days with pain but was always happy and humour never left her. She always had words of wisdom for her children, “Be there for your dad, he can’t find a damn thing” and to her husband “I’ll be waiting for you with our snowmobiles ready to ride.” Happy trails Mom.

There will be no memorial service or donations. There will be a celebration of life later of close friends and her family.


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