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Generosity Wins the Day!

I’ve tried to live by the maxim: “Give more than you get.” I twin that idea with “Don’t keep track of what you give away.”

I’m afraid we live in a world that is increasingly wanting to hoard possessions. I really notice this as we pack up to make our move to Calgary in the next few months.

For all my own sayings that I will give away things – I’ve got a lot of things! One of my areas of collection is books. Right now I’m trying to figure out what to do with a few hundred books. Thankfully there are those who have been helping me by taking books out of my hands.

Oh, and then there is all the furniture. While we would love to live in a larger abode, we are trying to figure out what it would be like to live in 800 square feet of space. We don’t need loads (and I mean actual loads that would need to be moved) of extra couches or beds or dishes or bathroom(s) supplies. We can give away a lot of “stuff”.

Which brings me to some of the greatest obstacles to generosity.

Let’s talk first about sentimentality. Where something reminds me of a person, place, event, memory, or even vision for the future. There is no price that can be placed on those types of objects. But there is also perhaps too high a price placed on them. Somewhere in between we need to come to an understanding of that which helps to re-mind us (to bring us back to a proper understanding of life) and that which is not necessary to re-mind us (not having an object will not diminish the memory).

Now, let’s talk about others. As we begin to gather more things, our tendency is to decide that these things will provide us with security and safety for years to come. Maybe just one more of this, or one more of that will make sure I have enough to survive. What if we thought else wise? What if we began to ask ourselves how little we can live with in order to provide those who have very little for their own lives? What if we know of friends who could use what we have? What if our focus was on others rather than ourselves?

And, to be quite honest – what if I really believed that God would supply all that I need for life and living – in contrast to a world where we are taught to be our own God, to hold on to our own resources for dear life, and to get rather than to give.

What if there is a God who is enough – and that God has not been silent about life, joy and peace? What if that God has given us a real life example of how to live a life where possessions don’t rule us and generosity surrounds us?

If you are tracking with me, I’m talking about Jesus of Nazareth. Life for Jesus was not about having a lot of things and yet in the end he lived a life of vision, joy, love for others and worth.

So, . . . maybe I don’t need all these packing boxes

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