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Meet the Kindersley Social Vipers

Meet this year’s Kindersley Social Vipers! We are thrilled to sponsor these great little athletes. 

Many thanks to Todd Loerzel (Coach), Landon Miller (Asst. Coach) and Tyler McGrath (Asst. Coach), along with all the parents and volunteers who have made this a great hockey season.

Go team go!

Easton West #7

This is Easton’s first year in hockey. He has found a new love and passion for the sport. Thanks to his wonderful coaches and their dedication to teaching, he has made huge strides in his skating and hockey abilities. He has scored four goals and is just getting started! When he is not on the ice he likes to be outside practicing his shooting and puck handling.

His favourite rink snacks are mozzarella sticks and slush puppies. He loves being apart of a team and looks forward to playing all the games of the season, continuing to improve himself and watching as many Klipper games as he can

Matthew Padberg # 34

Matthew loves to score goals and help his team by passing the puck. He wants to makes sure the other team doesn’t score! The best part about hockey is how much fun it is and shooting the puck across the ice. Go Kindersley Social Vipers

Connor Miller #5

Connor fell into hockey because of his love for teamwork, he watches his older cousin play and wants to be just like him!

Emilia Schmalzbauer

With two brothers at home she’s not afraid of anyone getting in her way on the ice. Losing is not something she takes easily

Liam Schmalzbauer

The fast paced action on ice and team banter in the dressing room after. One of the last guys out of the dressing room

Rylen McGrath

“I like hockey because I get to play with my friends and do toe drags. My goal this year is to be league champs!
Age 8

Owen Wallace #36

This is Owen’s 4th year in hockey and is loving it more and more each year. He has found a love for being a goalie and enjoys saving goals and scoring goals. 

His favourite hockey player is Logan Falk.

And his favourite rink food is popcorn chicken. 

When he’s not at the rink he’s either shooting pucks or having someone shoot pucks at him. 

Lohgon Boisjoli

“I love playing hockey because it’s fun and challenging. I hope to be as good as my dad someday.” 

Bo Loerzel #35

This is Bo’s 5th year playing hockey. His favorite part about hockey is making sick plays. 

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