Things Are Warming Up!

A significant portion of Canada so far has experienced a prolonged period of milder January weather, with indications suggesting an intensification as February approaches.

A major shift in the national weather pattern is underway, leading to a pronounced January thaw in various regions, moving away from the recent severe cold spell.

Initially, a brief surge of Arctic air will briefly disrupt this warming trend in the early part of the week, particularly affecting areas from Quebec to Atlantic Canada. However, by week’s end, most parts of Canada are expected to enjoy temperatures above the seasonal average, thanks to a surge of milder Pacific air supplanting the previous Arctic conditions. Several cities will notably experience a significant departure from their usual winter temperatures.

Milder temperatures will begin to influence Western Canada. While this January warmth may not set historical records, its duration is noteworthy.

Residents in Calgary should be prepared for potential Chinook wind events, which might elevate temperatures even more. However, this could also lead to temperature inversions, increasing the risk of poor air quality. The temperature gradient between the cold air below and the warmer air above can act as a barrier, trapping pollution near the surface.

Edmonton can say goodbye to a frigid January with a warmer pattern is expected to persist into early February.

In Toronto, Ontario, will see, as temperatures increase, a milder, rainier pattern emerges.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, typically experiences colder average daytime highs around -13°C at this time of year. The city is set for a remarkable warming trend with an even stronger warming trend that will see daytime temperatures rise above freezing at the start of February, potentially initiating snowmelt in some areas of the province.

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