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Kyler Smith is Kindersley’s RBC Community Ambassador!

The Kindersley Jr. Klippers nominee for the 2024 RBC Community Ambassador is 6 ft defenseman Kyler Smith. The S.W. Calgary native was completely blown away by the nomination because it was unexpected. In his “defense”, he does do quite a bit of travelling to other towns to help younger players and gives freely of his time and experience.

As a nominee, is he automatically awarded $1,000.00 to give to a school of his choice and he has picked Westberry School to help with sports equipment.

His family is very much sports minded and he loves to golf and play baseball in the summertime. This is his 2nd year as a Klipper so unfortunately, being 20 yrs old, next season will be his last here. Kyler has a made a positive impression on many people, fans and players alike.

As far as career goals? Well, he would like to take some post-secondary education and see where it goes. Currently he is taking a business course that should make the transition to formal education just a little easier.

Continued good luck for the rest of the season Kyler!

By Kevin Martin

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