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Kindersley Fire Holds First Aid and CPR Recertification Training

Hello, Cody Phinney back for another update from the Kindersley Fire Brigade.

On the week of February 5th, the KFD held our annual First Aid and CPR recertification training. All of our members are required to have a valid First Aid and CPR certificate in order to respond to most types of calls. Even though the certificates are valid for three years, we host a course annually and encourage every member to attend. This ensures all of our members can stay as up to date with recommended First Aid techniques, and this also helps keep the training fresh in their minds. Thank you to Sarah and her staff at A.L.B. Oilfield for teaching us!

Also this week, members from our PubEd team were at Westberry Elementary school to play dodgeball with the students. This fun event is in support of Telemiracle 48 which raises funds for the Kinsmen Foundation. They provide funding to the people of Saskatchewan requiring special needs equipment to maintain or improve their quality of life. Thank you to the staff and students at Westberry Elementary School for having us!

Mother Nature has really been sending us some strange weather this year! With the return to cool temperatures I’d like to take the time to talk about electrical cords. When using electrical cords to plug in the block heater of a vehicle it’s important to make sure your cord is in good condition. You should always verify before using that your cord is designed and rated for your intended use. This could mean making sure it’s rated for outside and load if applicable. When the weather dips to extreme cold temperatures it can easily crack the exterior sheathing and expose the wires in the inside which poses both an electrical hazard and a fire hazard. And if you’ve ever drove off before unplugging your cord it’s generally a good idea to replace the cord to avoid any issues from any damage that may have occurred inside the cord and plugs!

Thanks for reading!

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