Areas of Nova Scotia Continue to See Significant Snowfall

Residents of Nova Scotia are facing the aftermath of another snowstorm, courtesy of a potent low-pressure system that swept across the region.

This recent snowfall did not reach the historic levels of the earlier storm this month, which saw certain areas engulfed by as much as 150 centimeters of snow. Nevertheless, the accumulation was still noteworthy.

Environment Canada reported that the Shelburne area recorded 37 centimeters of snow by 4 a.m. Wednesday, with other areas also experiencing significant snowfall: 31 centimeters in Western Head, 29 centimeters at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, 23 centimeters in Baccaro Point, 14 centimeters in Upper Stewiacke, and 12 centimeters at Kejimkujik National Park.

The weather authority mentioned that snowfall had ceased in the province’s western regions, with expectations for it to stop in the eastern parts later on Monday. However, it warned that snow or snow squalls might persist in the onshore areas of western Cape Breton through the evening and into Thursday.

The weather system, which moved south of Nova Scotia on Tuesday night, is anticipated to continue its path south of Newfoundland on Wednesday.

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