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Canada Achieves Milestone in Environmental Protection with Surrender of Pacific Offshore Oil & Gas Permits

Canada has successfully acquired the cessation of the last oil and gas development permits in its Pacific offshore areas, as announced by the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Jonathan Wilkinson, on Wednesday. This comes after Chevron Canada voluntarily gave up 23 permits earlier in the month.

Minister Wilkinson highlighted the relinquishment as a crucial step towards the permanent conservation of the biologically diverse maritime regions along Canada’s western shoreline.

Despite a longstanding federal ban on oil and gas exploration in the Pacific since 1972, previously issued permits remained active. Exxon Mobil, another major American oil company, also surrendered several permits in the previous year.

Wilkinson stated, “With the relinquishment of these last permits, Natural Resources Canada has effectively ensured the return of all 227 permits in the Pacific offshore.”

Chevron Canada disclosed on February 9, via its website, its decision not to proceed with the development on these offshore permits, which span approximately 5,900 square kilometers.

Wilkinson mentioned that some of the Chevron permits were located within areas designated for marine protection.

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