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Meet Snap, Crackle and Pop!

These precious little ones were born December 23, 2023 and came into our care when they were just four weeks old. Their mother developed mastitis and couldn’t take care of them any longer. Thankfully our bottle baby foster home agreed to take them on! They’re not quite ready for adoption yet but KAWS is accepting applications! Here is what their foster mom has to say about these sweeties:

“Snap (Grey & White Male) – this little dude is kind of the lazy boy of his litter. He has a very laid back personality with a side of playful. He likes to have a sibling to play with and a snuggly lap or blanket for a cuddle. He eats because he has to, not because he wants to so needs to have food available at all times for his snacking pleasure!

Crackle (Black & White Female) (aka “Fire Crackle” in her foster home). This little girl is all energy at all times! She plays and runs until you make her take a nap. She is content to play on her own, with a sibling or any other animal or human that will match her energy. She is the true definition of a kitten. If you can catch her in a calm moment, she will melt your heart with her gentle purr.

Pop (solid Grey Male). We are waiting for this boy to show his true personality. Right now he is a go with the flow kind of kitten. He will play. He will run. He will cuddle. He does however love his food. He started off as the smallest of the 3 but is now the heaviest. We are seeing signs of him becoming a very sleek, well muscled gentleman. Pop has the best purr and will come for short cuddles in between rounds of playing.”

Their adoption fee is $120. They will be spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations and deworming. Please visit the website to fill out a pre-adoption application form! Again, they are not quite ready to go to new homes just yet, but will be soon!

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