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“I Still LOVE Going to Work Every Day!”

Come this October, Shawna Ervine has owned and operated Kraz E Threads in Kindersley for the past 22 years! Where in the world did the time go?

What started out as filling a need (there was no children’s store in town), has become a long time passion. After working in the accounting related field for some years, it was time to take the plunge. Being your own boss is equally exciting and scary. There are many hats to wear and “the buck stops with me”. The accounting experiences helped her to better understand the business side of business.

“The goal of starting a business is to build it and hopefully pass it on to someone with as much passion as I have”. Very well said!

Going through Covid was challenging for sure and wasn’t sure if things would be better or worse. Fortunately, things worked out well, even though having to compete with other shopping options (online, etc) and customers buying habits have changed. Social media is a huge part of doing business today and even though I’m not crazy about it, that’s where the customers are. “I spend more time on my phone than I thought possible but you gotta do what you gotta do”.

Shawna says that the best thing about owning your own business is the customers. “I love showing up at school events or at the local skating rink and seeing kids dressed in Kraz E Threads clothes it makes me so proud”. Just to see the happiness on the faces of the children or parents who have just purchased the perfect outfit for the upcoming season or occasion is awesome.

Final words of advice?

Find a product/service you feel passionate about, so going to work is never a chore. I can honestly say that I still LOVE going to work every day! And maybe I can even mentor my successor and pass on what I have done and gone through.

Kraz E Threads is a long time Chamber member and also accepts the gift cards.

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