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“I Hope to See You on the Mat!”

Born and raised in Kindersley, Natalie Down fell in love with hot yoga thanks to the yin it brought to her yang lifestyle.

“At first, I went for the physical aspect of yoga—the workout. Through time and practice, I started seeing a deeper connection and alignment within myself,” she shared.

Little did she know that in a few years, she would not only be teaching yoga classes but would be the new owner of The Hotroom Yoga Studio in Kindersley.

“I have so much love for this community. It was never my intention to one day own the studio, but, like me, I know other community members benefit from having the studio in town, so when the opportunity came up, I just knew it wasn’t the end for The Hotroom. I would like to thank Michélè for creating and establishing the core values of this studio. It is something that cannot easily be recreated. She took the big risk and started the studio which is something I will always be grateful for, shared Natalie.”

Natalie’s vision for the studio is to continue to cultivate the values of The Hotroom. “Students come to experience the restorative and healing benefits of yoga and pilates and the Hotroom creates that space for them. The Hotroom is an authentic and welcoming space for students to go outside their comfort zone—this is where people grow, evolve, heal and experience the magic of yoga.”

The Hotroom acknowledges everyone’s ongoing spiritual journey, and as such, all are welcome, and all belong. The Hotroom is also inclusive of outside instructors and welcomes like-minded individuals who are looking for a restorative body and mind practice to help them improve physical fitness and mental clarity.

“I found myself a little broken a few years ago. I was so focused on the intensity of my workouts I didn’t realize in doing so I had completely destroyed my nervous system. I was bedridden with migraines, my body almost felt numb. It was only when I slowed down and nourished my body through movement that I started to feel alive again.

This is why, in the studio, we encourage students to find a level of movement that works for them and why we offer all types of classes, all with the idea of nourishing your mind and body through movement. From mindful restorative yoga, barre, and Pilates, to challenging strength classes, all our classes are low-impact to save your joints. Even though we are called The Hotroom, we have unheated, warm, and hot classes. We have created a great visual so that you can see the wide range of classes we offer and what level of heat and intensity each one is.”

Natalie shared that many people feel yoga isn’t for them because they aren’t flexible. “I would love to break that trend. You do not need to be flexible! No touching your toes test is required!” She also shared that people are often intimidated by the idea of yoga. “I’ve had people tell me they won’t know what to do! When I hear this, I tell them to come down to The Hotroom because when you walk in, the studio is dimly lit with infrared lighting and music to soothe. Classes are also done in a dimly lit room to give everyone their own space and privacy.

So if you can’t touch your toes, or fall over in a balancing pose, no one can really see. One soothing part of the class that everyone loves, is the treat at the end, a cool cloth infused with essential oils to reward yourself for all your hard work. By the end of class with everyone lying in Savasana (Corpse pose, or a little nap) you feel so united. It is a small quiet peaceful moment to sit in stillness where you receive the benefits of the poses you did before joining the outside world again.”

For anyone looking to try a class, The Hotroom gives you the freedom to choose how often you attend classes. The schedule is posted a week at a time and usually differs from week to week. With over ten classes a week and some on the weekends, there are many options for you to choose. “We also provide all the equipment. All you need is a water bottle!” shared Natalie. “You can also share passes with people at the same address. So, your wife, husband or kids can use the same passes. We also offer over 15 different types of classes so there is something for everyone. Five different instructors at The Hotroom teach different sequences every time, so you will never do the same thing twice!”

Booking into a class is easy! All you need to download the app, the hot room, and as of January 1st, 2024 you can pay online for your passes.

The studio is located at 1001 Main Street in Kindersley. “It is my pleasure and honour to continue this studio here in Kindersley,” said Natalie. “So come as you are, feel the magic that is yoga and I hope to see you all soon on the mat!”

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